Budget Hotels

Budget Hotels in Dehradun, India

Dehradun is the capital of Uttranchal, this old center of the Raj is situated in the broad Doon Valley between the Siwaliks and the front range of the Himalaya. Most of the Dehradun restaurants and places to stay are strung out along the Rajpur road, which runs north from the clock tower , the unofficial center of Dehradun.

Hotel NameAddressTelephone
(STD Code : 0135)
Adarsh HotelKhushal Singh Rawat, 16 Rajpur Road, Dehradun2659789
Akashdeep Hotel232 - Tyagi Road, Dehradun2629149
Anchal Hotel [p] Ltd.54 - Hardwar Road, Dehradun2629591 - 92
Great Value Hotel74 - C Rajpur Road, Dehradun2746094, 2746058
Hotel Akash Deep13/2 Tyagi Road, Dehradun2627278
Hotel Ashoka ContinantalBhawani Villa, Library, Mussoori2632490
Hotel Classic International56, Rajpur Road Dehradun - 2480012743446 - 47, 2741488
Hotel Deep Shikha57/1 Rajpur Road, Dehradun2659888 - 89, 2710990 - 92
Hotel Doon Regency1 - B Haridwar Road, Raja Road Krishna Complex, Dehradun - 2480012727711, 2727755
Hotel DronaGandhi Road, Dehradun2652794
Hotel Ekta113/2 Rajpur Road, Dehradun2734316, 2744302, 2747928
Hotel Great Value74 C Rajpur Road, Dehradun2744762, 2744764 - 65
Hotel Heritage05, Chukhuwala, Dehradun - 2480012652676
Hotel Inder LokAnekant Place, 29 - Rajpur Road, Dehradun2658113
Hotel KalindiHospital Road, Vikasnagar, Dehradun250289
Hotel Madhuban97 Rajpur Road, Dehradun2747770, 2747793 - 95
Hotel Maggi Star99, Rajpur Road, Dehradun - 2480012742627 - 30
Hotel Mayank15 - Tyagi Road, Dehradun2625004
Hotel MeedoGandhi Road, Dehradun2627088, 2621544
Hotel Meedo Grand28 Rajpur Road, Dehradun2747171 - 72, 2743692 - 93, 2743691
Hotel Meedo's GrandMeedo Shopping Complex, 49 Arhat Bazar, Dehradun2721566
Hotel Nidhi [p] Ltd.74/c Rajpur Road, Dehradun2742769, 2744086
Hotel Nishima59 Gandhi Road, Dehradun2626640
Hotel President6 - Astley Hall, Dehradun2655783, 2657386
Hotel Shahan Shah74 - C Rajpur Road, Dehradun2744763
Hotel Siddharth2, Raja Road Bhatt Commercial Complex Dehradun - 2480012724947 - 48
Hotel Skyking399, Jakhan Rajpur Road, Dehradun - 2480012734384
Hotel White House16 - A Subhash Road, Dehradun2652765
Hotel YatrikVikas Nagar, Vikasnagar, Dehradun250097
Madhuban Hotel97, Rajpur Road, Dehradun - 2480012740077
Mandakini HotelHaridwar Road, Dehradun2724848, 623456
Micro Mint Hotel Pvt. Ltd.9 - Astlay Hall Rajpur Road, Dehradun2710901
Nagalia Hotel19/4 - 6, Subhash Road, Dehradun - 2480012653141
Naveen Hotel59, Gandhi Road Opposite Jain Dharamshala Dehradun - 2480012720410
Naveen Veg Hotel23 Darshani Gate, Dehradun2621017
Oriental Hotel & RestaurantDarshani Gate, Dehradun2627059
Park View Hotel17 A Rajpur Road, Dehradun2653231
President Hotel6 G Astley Hallrajpur Road, Dehradun - 2480012651203, 2651202, 2652120
Regent Hotel42 - E C Road, Dehradun2659486
Splender Hotel Pvt Ltd163/2 Nehru Colony, Dehradun2672518
Vidhatrey Hotels193/5, Rajpur Road Rajpur, Dehradun - 2480012738193 - 96
Vikram HotelBridla Road Kulri, Mer, Dehradun - 2480012633630

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